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Nixoderm Acne Treatment

Rated: 3.75 out of 10

Nixoderm is a South American product that's been around for over 40 years. Only recently has Nixoderm been showing up in the USA. Nixoderm is a waxy balm that is effective at treating skin conditions like ringworm and psoriasis. Nixoderm is gaining renown as an effective, if non-traditional, anti-acne product.

Nixoderm can be difficult to find in the USA -- it isn't available through the most typical channels. Nixoderm is not currently manufactured in the USA -- residents of India, Malaysia, Nigeria and South America will find Nixoderm easily enough. Ebay is a good source for this product.

Nixoderm: effective ingredients

Nixoderm contains three active ingredients that are all well-known for their anti-acne benefits. These ingredients are:

These active ingredients stimulate skin cell renewal and enhance exfoliation. Sulfur dries the skin and may aid in getting rid of the bacteria that cause acne.

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How to use Nixoderm

Nixoderm is a thick cream. It should be applied to the affected areas of the face and rubbed in completely. It is ideally used before bed, though some users have noted that Nixoderm can stain clothing and bedclothes, so some caution is recommended.

Nixoderm seems to be effective at helping to relieve persisting redness that lasts after a pimple is gone.

Nixoderm: our evaluation

Nixoderm is a very interesting product. It receives a fair share of attention simply because it is not widely available in the USA, and can be extremely difficult to find. In-depth information on Nixoderm is difficult to locate. Nonetheless, outside the USA the product is widely known and used to fight acne and other skin conditions.

Some people with particularly sensitive skin may find that the thick, putty-like consistency of Nixoderm clogs pores or causes other issues.

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