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Acne causing foods

Most dermatologists agree that foods don't cause acne. Nevertheless, whether because of anecdotal evidence or folk wisdom, most people strongly believe that there are some acne causing foods. How do foods cause acne? And, more importantly, which foods cause acne? Is there really a link?

A list of acne causing foods

Those who accept that there is such a thing as acne causing foods point to food allergies as a likely culprit. This is the most widely-accepted explanation of the link between diet and acne. Considering this information, we discover that each individual's list of acne causing foods will be different based on that person's body chemistry, allergies and etc.

Keeping a food journal is the best way to document and learn the links between food and acne for you.

Following is a list of the most frequently cited as acne causing foods:

  • nuts
  • shellfish (a leading acne causing food because of its iodine content)
  • milk products
  • wheat and products that contain gluten
  • chocolate
  • pizza

Note that most of these items are also common allergens for many people, reinforcing the idea of a link between foods and acne.

Low carb diets and acne?

There have been some reports that low carb diets can help reduce and even eliminate acne among adults. The explanation is that insulin spikes, caused by consuming simple carbohydrates, are somehow responsible at least in part for acne outbreaks.

But again, this link has neither been studied nor documented by researchers.

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Acne causing foods: a case of sympathetic magic?

Dermatologists who don't believe in the link between diet and acne point to superstition as the origin of the idea that foods and acne are related. Most people believe that greasy, oily or high-fat foods (especially pizza) are responsible for acne outbreaks. This is very similar to the idea termed "sympathetic magic" by anthropologists. Sympathetic magic dictates that "like causes like," so if you eat pizza your face will look like a pizza.

Until further research has proven a link between acne and food, this debate will continue.

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