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Epiclear is different in some respects from the other products reviewed. Primarily, the delivery system - a spray - is different. The manufacturers of Epiclear allege that it functions as a moisturizer as well as an anti acne product. The delivery system of Epiclear's active ingredients is a "new liposome technology."

Epiclear: effective ingredients

The main active ingredient in Epiclear is salicylic acid, a proven exfoliation aid and anti acne ingredient. In addition, Epiclear contains forms of Vitamins A, C and E - all of which are anti oxidants and are found in many lotions and skin care products.

According to the manufacturers of Epi clear, these active ingredients are delivered to the cells of the skin using a "new liposome technology" that embraces the vitamin molecules in lipid bubbles, ushers them into the cells where the lipids are absorbed, and thus deliver their payload directly into the cell. Whether or not this system is more effective than simple topical application of these same ingredients is a question that we cannot answer.

Epiclear also contains menthol. This compound is sometimes used in skin care products because it produces a cool, tingling sensation. Unfortunately, menthol can also cause irritation of sensitive skin and of skin already inflamed with acne.

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How to use Epiclear

Epiclear is delivered in a spray. After thoroughly cleansing the skin, Epiclear is sprayed onto the affected areas. Then the product is lightly massaged into the skin. Note that simply spraying Epiclear on is not sufficient.

The fact that this product is delivered in a spray makes it a good choice for acne breakouts on the back or other hard-to-reach areas.

Epiclear: our evaluation

Epiclear's spray delivery system is certainly interesting. The fact that there are no anti inflammatory compounds included in Epiclear means that it will not reduce the inflammation or swelling associated with ongoing acne breakouts, despite the fact that it is cleaning the pores and aiding in exfoliation.

The inclusion of menthol is unnecessary and can contribute to the sensitivity and irritation associated with acne breakouts. This is, we think, the major weakness of the Epiclear formula.

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