Popping pimples

Some dermatologists say popping pimples is okay, if you do it carefully. Others warn not to pop pimples, because the process can lead to scarring.

But let's face the facts: just about everyone who suffers from acne will turn to popping pimples at some point. Following these guidelines will help minimize the risks of popping pimples, but if you have further questions, you should speak to your dermatologist.

Is popping pimples safe?

Popping pimples is never completely safe. The risks are of driving the infection deeper into the skin, bruising and damaging the skin and of creating a scar. But simply taking reasonable precautions minimizes these risks.

First, only try to pop pimples that are at the surface and have a white head. Attempting to pop deeper pimples may lead to major difficulties.

Be gentle. Pushing harder does not work better. Your skin is delicate, and being rough with it virtually guarantees that your attentions will bear unpleasant fruit.

Steps for popping pimples

Take a warm shower or bath to soften your skin and open the pores.

Thoroughly cleanse the skin.

Wash your hands to prevent spreading germs and infecting the pimple.

Sterilize a needle by running it through a flame (a dirty needle will cause an infection and maybe a bigger pimple).

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Gently prick the tip of the pimple with the needle. This will allow the liquid inside the pimple a path to escape.

Take a clean tissue or piece of toilet paper and wrap it around your index fingers.

Use your index fingers to pull the skin taut on both sides of the pimple. This should open up the escape channel slightly and pus may begin to come to the surface of the pimple.

Now, gently reverse the pressure on the sides of the pimple to ease out all the pus. Stop when blood or clear fluid comes out.

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