What does non comedogenic mean?

A lot of products, especially moisturizers, are labeled "non comedogenic." This means that the product does not contribute to the production of comedones (blackheads and whiteheads), and therefore does not make acne worse.

Non comedogenic products are tested either by volunteers or inside the ears of rabbits, and has proven not to contribute to acne.

Unfortunately, there are no regulations governing the use of the term non comedogenic. That means that any manufacturer can label their product non comedogenic and there is no assurance or recourse for the consumer. Additionally, different people react differently to different products. So a product that is non comedogenic for many may not be non comedogenic for everyone.

Non comedogenic moisturizers

Non comedogenic moisturizers are thinner in consistency and may feel watery. They should not contain oil. Most people who have acne or oily skin do not need these products, unless using a drying acne treatment such as benzoyl peroxide.

In hot climates, or when the user is exercising, even these thinner non comedogenic moisturizers may contribute to acne and comedone formation.

Non comedogenic foundations

Most foundations are heavy, oil-based concoctions. Fortunately for those with acne, there are non comedogenic foundations. These non comedogenic makeup products generally contain titanium dioxide along with starch, kaolin (clay) and polymers to provide smooth coverage without oils.

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Other non comedogenic products

Special cleansers and sun screens are manufactured without oils or other comedogenic ingredients. It's much more important to test products for yourself rather than to believe statements made on the labels. So be sure to try out non comedogenic products for yourself to see if they work properly for you.

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