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An antibiotic frequently prescribed to fight acne

Doctors sometimes prescribe tetracycline or other antibiotics to fight severe acne. Antibiotics are a powerful weapon and so aren't prescribed to most people unless their acne problem is rather serious. Tetracycline kills the bacteria behind pimple-causing infections, leaving the skin to heal. Even severe pimples begin to fade away within a few days of starting a course of tetracycline or other antibiotics.

Tetracycline is the most frequently prescribed antibiotic used against acne.

Advantages of tetracycline

Tetracycline's main advantage is that it works fast. Tetracycline is also widely known and readily available -- not in the least uncommon. Usually doctors prescribe 500 mg twice per day until a significant reduction in acne is seen, then the dosage is either reduced to 250 mg twice per day for a time or discontinued altogether.

Unfortunately, tetracycline has some limitations. It should never be taken with food, which interferes with its absorption. Tetracycline should never be given to pregnant women or children under nine. It sometimes causes photosensitivity, like doxycycline.

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Is tetracycline right for me?

If you think you need tetracycline or another antibiotic for your acne, talk to your doctor. Don't expect a prescription for an antibiotic unless you truly have severe acne.

Even after you've taken antibiotics, your acne can come back. You should adopt a daily skin care regimen to keep your face clean and clear.

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